A recent query on FaceBook (Castlemania) got us thinking about bike helmet laws in Victoria. There was a question raised about whether a cyclist must wear a helmet whilst riding on a bike path.

The answer to that was easy. Yes, Victorian law requires helmets to be worn when riding a bicycle on a road, on a bike or shared path, in a bike lane, or in a recreational park.

Helmet photoBut then the questioner asked whether a bike helmet is required to be worn if riding a unicycle on a bike path. That’s when things got a little tricker. You would think the answer would be the same, right? Unicycles can travel pretty quickly and the rider is falling from the same height if they met with trouble. We couldn’t really see the difference.

However, under the Victorian Road Rules a unicycle is classified as a ‘wheeled recreational device’ and a person on a wheeled recreational device is a pedestrian, not a rider.  Therefore, a unicycle rider is not strictly required to wear a helmet. But you’d be mad not to, right?



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