If you’ve been injured in an accident but haven’t followed up compensation because you thought you couldn’t if the accident was your fault? Think again!

We regularly see clients involved in accidents where they have caused the accident or contributed to it occurring somehow. Commonplace situations include:

  • hitting a kangaroo,
  • losing control of a vehicle on gravel, or
  • failing to stop in time and colliding with the rear of another vehicle.

Most of these clients think they don’t have a claim. But they do!  There are benefits under the TAC scheme that are called ‘No Fault’ benefits. You are entitled to claim all or most of these benefits if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident regardless of the circumstances of the accident. This applies even if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt or were driving under the influence. (If you had drugs or alcohol in your system, your entitlement to some of these benefits may be reduced depending on the level of concentration).

Bottom line is, if you’ve received injuries in a car accident, you’ll likely be entitled to something from the TAC. We will talk you through your entitlements and help you to make the claim. We offer free first appointments so that you get information about your entitlements and then make a decision about whether you want to claim them or not. There are time limits about making claims so it’s best not to dilly-dally. You’ve got nothing to lose by arming using with all the info.

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