Some good news in transport accident (TAC) claims

The law has recently changed so that the excess for medical treatment no longer applies to TAC claims for accidents which occurred on or after 14 February 2018.

As a bit of background, the medical excess previously applied to individuals (or families) who did not spend one night in hospital as a result of their injuries.  It meant that injured people had to spend $651 in medical treatment costs before being allowed to begin claiming such costs from the TAC.  Thankfully, any costs put through Medicare or private health insurance was allowed to contribute to this amount but it still meant that an injured person often had to spend a certain amount their own money to get treatment.  There was also a ‘Medical Excess declaration’ process which was complicated and time consuming.

Now, anyone injured in an accident on or after 14 February 2018 won’t have to worry about the excess or the declaration process and will be able to access treatment earlier and more easily. We applaud this change. 

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