Here’s how:

1. REPORT:     Report the incident and your injury to your employer in writing and if possible, record details in your employer’s Register of Injuries.

2. CLAIM FORM:    Complete a claim form and then give it to your employer. (If you cannot lodge your claim with your employer, lodge the claim directly with WorkSafe.)

3.  CERTIFICATE:     If you’re unable to work because of your injury or illness, go to your doctor, obtain a Certificate of Capacity and give this to your employer.

4.   DECISION:   Your employer is required to send your paperwork to its workers compensation insurer (‘the Agent’) within 10 days of receiving it.  The Agent then has 28 days to notify you in writing of its decision to accept or reject your claim. If you haven’t received a decision, contact the Agent. (Note: Your employer should have a poster containing the contact details of its WorkSafe Agent on display at work. If it does not, ask your employer for the details or contact the WorkSafe Advisory Service.)  

5. ADVICE:   Contact Grainger Legal to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment to get legal advice about your claim and to make sure that your entitlements are protected. It is never too early to get advice.  

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