This will differ in each case. But we’re experienced enough at Grainger Legal to be able to give you a good estimation of the time that it will take for your claim to resolve.

exasperationIn a claim for personal injuries, it is often a requirement that your injuries have ‘stabilised’ before you can be assessed for lump sum compensation. On average, this can be 12-18 months after sustaining injury.  But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get compensation for medical treatment and loss of income along the way. You should get legal advice as soon as possible after sustaining injury so that all of your rights and entitlements can be protected.

When you first come to us we’ll give you an estimate of the time that we think it will take your claim to resolve and we’ll update this advice as necessary. Some claims will be over within as little as six months and some will take much longer, especially if there is litigation with the insurer involved.

Whatever your situation, it is important that you know the expected timeframe and the reason for any delay. It is not good enough that your lawyer be ‘too busy’ to progress your claim. At Grainger Legal, we are careful to only take on a certain number of claims at any one time to allow us to give maximum attention to each claim. You can be assured that your claim will not be left on the shelf.

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