This type of agreement means that legal costs are only payable to us if you receive compensation.  So, if you don’t receive compensation, we don’t get paid either.

What about disbursements?

In most ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements, it is a condition that a client is liable for the payment of disbursements incurred. Disbursements are out-of-pocket costs payable to third parties for things such as medical reports, court fees or barrister fees. Usually this amount can be paid out of your settlement sum at the end of your claim and does not require an upfront contribution. Each case is different. We will speak with you about the cost of disbursements at your initial appointment and give you an estimate of the amount that you will likely have to pay if your claim is unsuccessful.

And the other party’s costs if I lose?

There are some rare occasions where you may have to pay the costs of the other party if an order is made by the Court, for example, if your claim goes to Court and you lose. This rarely happens and it would not happen ‘out of the blue’. Rather, you would be fully advised about the possibility of that occurring prior to any court proceedings being issued and it would be your choice whether to proceed. We would fully advise you of the risks in proceeding.

There should not be any surprises

At Grainger Legal we make sure there are no surprises to you about legal costs but if you’re concerned about costs at any stage, please ask us and we will gladly talk you through it.

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