Quad bikes are a significant cause of injury and death. On average, 85 Victorians are admitted to hospital each year from quad bike accidents. In 2015, there were 22 quad bike fatalities in Australia.

quad bike 2State governments around the country are taking action to try and reduce this number. From 1 February 2017, children under the age of 8 have been banned from riding as passengers on quad bikes in Queensland and the wearing of a helmet has become mandatory.

In Victoria, the Government last year introduced rebates of up to $600 for the purchase of a rollover protection device to be fitted to an existing quad bike or up to $1,200 for the purchase of a safer vehicle such as a side-by-side vehicle or a small utility vehicle.

If you have been injured in a quad bike accident then you may have a claim for lump sum compensation and/or for wages and medical treatment. This type of support can help to relieve financial stress suffered in the wake of an injury.

Grainger Legal can assist you on a ‘No-Win-No-Fee’ basis to make a claim. We offer free, no-obligation initial appointments at a place convenient to you or via telephone. Contact us to obtain further information about your rights and entitlements.

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