This is an article that appeared in the Midland Express on 31 October 2017. We hope it has helped to clear up any confusion between our Caroline and another lawyer with the same name…

Castlemaine is a small town. However, for lawyers Caroline Grainger and Caroline Granger… it feels positively tiny!

Despite having the same name, the lawyers are skilled in different areas of law and work for different firms. Although their surnames are spelt differently, it hasn’t stopped the confusion. Caroline Grainger’s partner Jarrod was even asked to pass on congratulations for the other Caroline’s recent promotion!

The two women have met, and agree it’s a very amusing situation. They’ve had a good laugh over the coincidence. One small town having two lawyers with the same name is pretty rare! There have been mix-ups with overdue library books; incorrect emails being received and random Facebook friend requests meant for the other person.

To clear up any confusion, we wanted to set the record straight once and for all. Caroline Grainger, who grew up and attended school in Castlemaine, moved back to Castlemaine in 2015 and resides with her partner and two young sons. Caroline is the founding partner and principal lawyer at Grainger Legal, 13 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine. Together with her team, she practises in all areas of injury compensation law, wills and estates, and conveyancing. You will find Caroline in her office every day of the week.

Caroline Granger lives in Bendigo with her family, and was recently promoted to an Associate at Robertson Hyetts Solicitors. She practises in the areas of family law, commercial law, property law, wills and estates and conveyancing. Caroline is in the Castlemaine office on Wednesdays.

Despite their differences, both women share a passion for law and can definitely agree on one thing: it’s pronounced Caroline not Carolyn! “

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