The team at Grainger Legal and Casa Conveyancing have set themselves a ‘Wellness Challenge’ for the month of September.

‘Kids in the pram, and off we go!’

They have started recording their step count each day with a simple pedometer or phone app linked to ‘Slack’ and the ‘Count.It’ bot, which automatically records steps taken and awards points for other activities such as yoga, cycling or meditation. Colleagues have been put into groups of two and motivational awards and prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge. The main aim is to record one-million steps between the teams for the month of September.

Caroline Grainger, principal at Grainger Legal says that it was important that the team felt able and supported to look after themselves and each other during the pandemic. She says: ‘Our offices has been closed to the public since March and whilst our files have basically been running as normal, our method of interacting with each other as colleagues and teammates has significantly changed. Communication is now via Zoom meetings, email, telephone and Teams chat. This can present some challenges and it’s easy to start to feel isolated. The Wellness Challenge is a way of re-grouping, re-focusing and remembering to take a moment to breathe some fresh air.

Joanne Santos, business manager at Grainger Legal adds: ‘Wellness is not about steps, it’s about self-care and it’s about finding an activity that makes you feel grounded, both mentally and physically and trying to do that each day. The Count.It app is brilliant in that any type of wellness activity, whether it be running, meditation, playing basketball, yoga, gardening or playing with your kids can be entered and it automatically converts it to steps.’

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