TPD = total and permanent disability. TPD cover is an insurance policy for the situation where you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

You probably have this type of insurance. You may not even know it. It’s likely attached to your superannuation policy, although it’s different to the amount that you have amassed via compulsory and/or voluntary superannuation contributions. You may even have multiple polices attached to multiple superannuation accounts. If you qualify for a TPD payment, you will be entitled to payment of a lump sum.

It rarely matters how the illness or injury comes about, just that you are unable to work because of it. It’s oftentimes paid in addition to workers compensation or TAC compensation.

The exact definition of TPD varies between insurers. You should check the terms of your policy to see (a) whether you’re covered; and (b) the terms of your cover.

If you are injured or ill and are unable to return to work whether in your normal occupation or any occupation, then a lawyer will assist you with determining your level of cover and assist you to make a claim for lump sum compensation. A lawyer will also assist you in the event there is a dispute with the insurer.

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