Your Will should be updated whenever you have a significant event in your life.

Significant events include:

  • marriage
  • divorce
  • having a child
  • buying or selling a home
  • buying or selling a business
  • deciding to change the beneficiaries in your Will
  • deciding to change the executor/s in your Will.

It should also be reviewed where there is a change in your economic condition such as further assets being obtained or a change in business structures. In general, Wills should be reviewed every 2-3 years. Complex or difficult Wills and Wills of people in blended families should be reviewed more frequently.

Grainger Legal will review your Will with you, ensure that you understand how it intends to work and discuss updating it if required. Your first appointment with us in free and if you decide to proceed, we will advise you of the cost of doing so prior to you giving us instructions.

Your Will is your voice after you are gone. We’ll help to make sure that the right people in your life are provided for.


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