So you’ve got a Will, congratulations! But is it up to date?

You should review your Will every 2-3 years or whenever a major event occurs in your family or your assets.

Key times to review and update your Will:

NAME CHANGE:  if you change your name, or anybody named in the Will changes theirs

EXECUTOR CHANGE: if an executor dies or becomes unwilling to act as executor or becomes unsuitable due to age, ill health or for any other reason

DEATH: if a beneficiary dies

CHANGE IN PROPERTY: if you have specifically left any property which you subsequently sell or give away, or put in trust or into a partnership

MARRIAGE: if you marry

DIVORCE: if you divorce

LOVE:   if you enter a domestic partnership or personal relationship

HEARTBREAK: if you end a domestic partnership or personal relationship

BIRTH: if a child of yours is born or a child is adopted or fostered.


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